Cost Controller

Cost Controller.

1.         Job Overview:

The cost Controller is responsible for reports and ensuring keeping safety stock standards and planningthe purchase orders to minimize the cost of purchase, Identifying high and low turn inventory items, and maintaining communication reports for the sales team.




2.    Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Analysis of cost of Items, prepare costing sheets and updates, run inventory reports on a daily and monthly basis and perform detailed analysis

  • Improve the inventory management arrangements and control movement of parts stock and generate reports, watch and control demand versus supply in terms of items, Manufacture requirements versus market requirements

  • Analyze purchasing strategy for the organization by maintaining consumable stock and dividing fast-moving versus slow movement stock or the demand versus supply trends 

  • Supervise visual validation process of received parts to comply with description, package, and quantity reflected in the original supplier invoice.

  • Update the stock of received parts shipment into the in-house Database Management Systemminimize the accumulation of non-moving inventory and Follow up on backorders, and conduct weekly cycle counts of inventory

  • Carrying out any tasks entrusted by the direct manager in a manner that does not conflict with the interests of the Company.



Qualification & Experience



3.    Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance.


4.    Experience: 3+ years of experience.


5.           Skills:


  •  Attention to detail.

  • Time management skills.

  • Proficiency in Excel.


6.             Work Environment: 100% in the office.