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--Seventh Dimension Company--

 Job Overview: Work in distribution centers. This position describes tasks such as receiving shipments, unloading and stocking goods, demonstrating stamina, physical strength, dexterity, teamwork, and time management.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Picking items and Packaging. 

  • Organizing and Labeling items in the warehouse. 

  • Helping in receiving the shipment. 

  • Refilling supplies, and Making bundles offers 

  • Preparing and assisting storekeepers in orders.

  • Carrying out any tasks entrusted by the direct manager in a manner that does not conflict with the interests of the Company.


Qualification & Experience



Qualification: High school diploma or equivalent qualification.



 Experience: 1+ years of experience.





  • Teamwork.

  • Flexibility.

  • Learning Skills.

  • Punctuality.

  • Organization.

  • Speed.

  • Accuracy.

  • Integrity.



Work Environment: 100% in the Warehouse.